Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nature Explorers Club~Deb's Park

Last month, our hike was at Deb's Park. For the hike, I created a simple scavenger hunt. You can find it on  Pinterest: Nature Scavenger Hunt. Leave it to a dad to point out the animal poop along the trail and ask why I didn't include "scat" on the list. ;) I also gave the kids a blank paper and told them to sketch whatever caught their eye.  It was so awesome to see the things that they noticed: birds flying high above the hills, flowers growing around us and even an old rusty car! It was a gorgeous but super sunny day and I would love to go back again with a little more knowledge about the type of plants growing along the trail. "Dirty dozen" Weed identification As an added bonus, someone from the nature center brought out a snake for a little impromptu photo shoot. Isn't God's creation amazing!?

Like mother, like daughter!