Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Fall of Azov and Other Small Victories

This week marked the end of our Christmas break and the return to the daily homeschool grind.  I'm sure it would be no shock to you if I told you that the kids were not very enthusiastic about starting school again.  I originally planned to start back up last week and actually did get one day in. It was not an encouraging start! I planned to keep it light-only doing history, science and writing. We got through the history lesson with ease and moved on to writing. I excitingly promised the kids that after writing and science we would do the activity that went along with history. Three loooooong hours later,  the kids STILL doing their writing, I was on the verge of mommy break down. Project you ask? Uh, denied. Mommy calmly explained that since the children could not focus and diligently do a simple writing assignment, there would be no "Peter the Great and the Fall of Azov" activity. Queue the pouty faces and whiny voices. There was hope still, I encouraged. We would officially start up this week and do the activity at the end of day one, which was yesterday. Once again there were some diligence issues not to mention a big dose of sibling rivalry, biblical correction (read: the rod) and a good talking to from Mommy about the peaceable fruit of righteousness chastening brings by those that are trained by it! (Hebrews 12:11) But my friends, after much much praying last night and this morning-victory! Today went beautifully, school accomplished quickly and with no (major) issues, and yes, you guessed it,  the long awaited for "Fall of Azov"! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as they enjoyed finally doing it. Peter the Great and the Fall of Azov in Lego