Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nature Explorers Club~Arroyo Seco Trail

It was the first meeting of the Nature Explorers Club! I wasn't sure what to expect being as this is the clubs first year and I'm organizing it. I warned everyone far in advance that they would all be my guinea pigs! Our group, which mostly consists of fellow homeschooling CCPCS familes, met up by the Rose Bowl Aquatic center. I read them "A Seed is Sleepy" by Diana Hutts Aston. Warning: Prepare to wait awhile to allow giggles to subside after reading about "naked seeds"! I knew the kids would get a kick out of that part. After a brief overview of the safety rules, we were off and headed up the road to the trail head. The hike was a very easy and family friendly trail. Roundtrip was a little over 1 mile (thanks Dane!) The kids had a great time-stopping along the way to point out seed discoveries. Did somebody say "naked seed"? Diego was kind enough to point out the dog seeds and horse seeds along they way! Oh yeah, and naked seeds. Though I may not be plant and tree savvy, I hope that these outings will accomplish one thing in the kid's hearts-to develop a great love and awe of our Creator who is very involved in the lives and ways of ALL His creatures. (Luke 12:6;Psalm 139:15) At the end of our hike, we worked on a page for our nature notebooks. Next month's theme: Trees! Can't wait!
Gotta start 'em young
A wild cucumber! (

Hunting down those elusive lizards!
What's that on the tree?
It's just a little guy!

Plug your nose!
Bag o' seeds

More seeds!

What'd you find???

I think that grasshopper has seen better days!

If you take the time.....
to slow down....
you just might find.....
Really Cool!
It's always okay to get a little silly :)

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  1. I agree about that grasshopper - he looks like he's had a rough life! Love that your leading this group for the kids. It's perfect for you! Can't wait to hear about the next nature adventure!